Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Joint Pains

To active men, joint pain is almost an alibi. In fact, if you do not believe this, you’d shocked to find the number of times a man will speak of the pain in his knees or hips. Reason? Oh, but of course, it must have been the baseball. Or you tripped during a round of golf (something highly unlikely considering the slow movements around there).

Joint PainsAccording to general practitioners, joint pain is indeed a reality, and an estimate of 8 out of every 10 active men suffer from or have been known to suffer from joint pain. Forget about arthritis, also known as arthralgia, joint pain is in itself a major pain and distracter. Can you imagine missing your favorite weekend sport just because of knee pain? Well, it’s probably happened to you or someone you know before, and this is but a memory trigger. But the thought of it is disturbing, isn’t it?

The good news is that joint pain can be prevented, and the other semi-good news is that the joint pain can be relieved, at least, but the bad news is that it cannot be cured. It is important to understand that the pain is as a result of wear and tear that occurs to in the adjacent muscle joints when one undergoes rigorous physical exercises. Wrong body postures or prolonged static postures may also have a negative impact on your hips.

How to Relieve Joint Pains

There are a several ways to relieve joint pain. Below is a list of some of the best ways to relieve the pain.


The service of a professional masseuse is invaluable when you suffer from joint pain. But if the price is too high, you can probably do it yourself at home. Better still, you can have another person massage your knee area. If you are doing it yourself, it is wise to use a menthol rub as it helps relieve the pain easily. Rule of thumb; while applying it, the direction should always be towards your heart.

Ice therapy

Ice TherapyIce therapy probably should have been the first in the list. It is what is the absolute most common, even in the movies. Whenever a character gets into a fight, ice packs are placed on the injured area. Cold temperatures reduce blood flow; and this is the principal of the ice pack. Wrap it up in some cloth or paper towels to prevent direct contact with the skin. The pain only needs the cold of ice.


Hydrotherapy works contrary to the ice pack. Of course, both will relieve the pain but warm water stimulates blood flow thus reducing pressure on joints and muscles. The affected areas should be immersed in the water and massaged gently and continually until you achieve the desired results.

Other relief measures include medications such as ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory drugs, natural herbal mixtures, and also exercise rehabilitation. Exercise helps the muscles become stronger and improves your flexibility so that it becomes easier to manage joint pain discomforts.

Finally, rest is essential. It is during rest that the body restores lost energy as well as repairing worn out tissues. If joint pain continuously bothers you and you have never actually considered relaxation as a joint pain relief method, it is the time you did. Maybe this could be the chief reason you never catch that baseball. You can check out our site for more health tips.

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