Types Of Medical Gloves: How To Choose?

If you’re planning to buy medical gloves, there are two main things you need to consider to get a perfect choice. The first one is the type of gloves. The second thing is the best way to get the right gloves. But this can get tricky, and that’s why most people end up buying the wrong medical gloves.

In this article, we have listed the main types of medical gloves you can choose from. We’ve also put together some of the best tips for selecting perfect surgeon gloves. But let’s start with the types of gloves.

Types of Medical Gloves


When it comes to selecting medical gloves, you have two options to consider. First, you need to check application, and second, the material. With the application, you have two straightforward solutions to select from. The first gloves option based on usage is medical exam gloves, which are used by caregivers. They are perfect for avoiding pathogens such as coronavirus and other light duties.

The second type based on use is the medical-surgical gloves. These are high-quality gloves used by professionals that have direct contact with fluids and chemicals that can cause extreme infection or illness. Surgical gloves are ideal for doctors treating a COVID-19 patient.

Medical gloves based on materials

When it comes to materials, there are two main types that you can select from, and they include nitrile and latex.

Latex Surgical Gloves

woman in medical gloves and mask in the office

Latex medical gloves are among the popular types of gloves due to the many benefits they offer. Latex material offers good comfort and dexterity features. They are also easy to put on and provide incredibly high flexibility. You can purchase latex surgical gloves in bulk from https://medisupplywarehouse.com/ and benefit from fast shipping and competitive prices. But what are other reasons to purchase latex hospital gloves? Latex gloves also offer one of the most effective protection against pathogens and chemicals. These medical gloves can endure the most demanding procedures.

The fact latex natural rubber makes them biodegradable. However, this type of gloves may cause latex allergic reactions to some people. Its thinner options can also tear or puncture hence exposing to pathogens.

Nitrile Medical Gloves

Nitrile gloves have grown popular because of the numerous benefits they offer, and more so over latex material. In fact, these gloves are being used as an alternative to latex gloves. Nitrite is a synthetic rubber fabric that’s stronger than latex. They can withstand demanding operation and offers high resistance to needles and sticks. Nitrile material also offers higher barrier protection against chemicals and pathogens than latex.

One of the major benefits of nitrile medical gloves is they don’t have an allergic reaction. If latex gloves were giving you an allergic reaction, switch to nitrite types. Nitrile gloves also offer one of the best abrasions and puncture resistance.

How to Choose Medical Gloves

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To buy the right medical glove, here are things you need to look for:

Glove material

The most important thing you need to consider is the glove material. The most recommended materials for medical glove are the nitrite and latex. But there are cases when vinyl would be an ideal option.

Area of Use

The other essential factor you need to consider is the application of the gloves. There are medical gloves used in hospitals and should of good quality. There are also surgical gloves for other common uses in the public. A good example is the food preparation gloves used in the kitchen to prepare ready to eat food.

Level of Protection

Last but not least is the level of protection. You need to know the level of risk you are exposed to get the right protection level. Always check for thickness, tensile strength, and puncture resistance. The higher the tensile and puncture resistance of the gloves, the higher is the protection.

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