Benefits of Sleep Dentistry


When most people imagine a trip to the dentist, what immediately comes to mind is fear and anxiety. In fact, some patients go to the extent of failing to honor dentist appointments, due to this fear. Such fear and anxiety can have serious health effects on their lives. The good news is that there is a solution to all those problems, thanks to sleep dentistry. When sedation dentistry is combined with local anesthesia, it can provide a very effective solution. According to the American Dental Association, the application of sleep dentistry by trained and experienced dental professionals continues to have an incredible safety record.

No Pain

Most people avoid or fear going for a dental procedure due to the pain itself. This is understandable, no loves experiencing pain, especially on the gums and teeth. The biggest benefit of sedation dentistry is that you will not experience any pain during the procedure. Apart from the fact that no pain will be involved, the fear associated with the pain itself will also disappear. Everyone wants pain-free dental care these days, and that is the reason why sedation dentistry has become so popular.

Quicker For the Procedure

Dentist Anxiety
Once you are sedated, you don’t complain or keep moving around. Most people start getting nervous and fidgeting immediately they land on the dentist’s chair. The problem is, such actions will deter the dentist and prevent them from undertaking the procedure. As a result, the procedure will take much longer than the anticipated time. Therefore, if you want your dental procedure to be carried out within the shortest time possible, you should opt for sedation dentistry. With sleep dentistry, the dentist is able to perform their work easily and quickly.

No More Fear and Anxiety

At times, the anxiety and fear associated with a dental visit are even worse than the procedure itself. Some people might even experience the fear and anxiety for several weeks, before the day of the appointment. However, with sedation dentistry, the minute you are on the dentist’s chair, that fear and anxiety is gone. Such feelings will disappear immediately the sedative is applied. Knowing that you will not go through the sensation of fear and anxiety can mean quite a lot for many people.

No More Painful Memories

One of the main things that prevent people from honoring a dental visit, is the painful or horror memories involved. If you had a bad experience after a dental visit, even if it happened ten years ago, the memories never seem to go away. Such memories can linger in your mind and prevent you from ever going back for a dental visit. However, this is not good for your dental health. Imagine enduring painful teeth every single night just because you fear visiting a dentist. The good thing with sedation dentistry is that you will never remember the procedure once it is over.

Bottom Line

Although it’s commonly known as sleep dentistry, you don’t sleep during the procedure. You remain awake and respond to the dentist. Most importantly, you will feel relaxed and you will never remember anything much about the treatment. It is in the interest of both you and the dentist to have relaxed experience during your dental visit, and this can be achieved through sleep dentistry.


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