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Have your injury reviewed by a leading sports medicine doctor

Sports-related injuries and conditions result in lost work-days, disrupt family life and can leave you with lasting disability. To achieve the fastest rehabilitation and best outcomes, it is important to consult highly specialised sport medicine experts who can assess your condition and get you on the road to recovery.

Now, with the unique SportsDoc service, you can access the best possible medical advice and guidance for sports injuries.

Whether you need an in-depth medical review of your diagnosis and treatment, are looking for a local expert, or just want to know more about your condition and possible treatments, this service helps you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

SportsDoc is backed by Best Doctors’ 20+ years of experience in helping people gain clarity, confidence and certainty about their diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.


“Through Best Doctors new SportsDoc program, patients now have the opportunity to access leading sports medicine advice to ensure they get on the right treatment path first time.”

Dr John Mayhew, Best Doctors Sport Medicine Expert and ex- All Blacks and New Zealand Warriors Team Doctor.

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