How Interconsultationâ„¢ Works

How Interconsultationâ„¢ Works 2016-11-15T07:15:50+00:00

InterConsultationâ„¢ is a patented analytical process developed by Best Doctors founders at Harvard Medical School. It was created to provide a higher degree of diagnostic and treatment accuracy.


  1. You make a confidential call to Best Doctors. A medical team member becomes your Member Advocate and assumes personal responsibility for your case.
  2. Best Doctors collects your medical records, imaging studies and pathology samples (which are retested).
  3. Best Doctors internal doctor conducts an in-depth analysis of your case and creates a clinical summary.
  4. Your case is matched to the most appropriate medical expert, who reviews the clinical summary plus all your records, images and pathology.
  5. The Best Doctors expert issues a detailed, confidential report with diagnostic and treatment recommendations.
  6. The expert’s report is reviewed by Best Doctors.
  7. Best Doctors shares the report with you and your treating doctor (with your consent).
  8. Best Doctors follows up to see if you need any other help.


If your expert report discusses an overseas treatment option, our FindBestCare® service can assist in your arrangements.