Our mission is to engage patients and doctors to work together to improve health outcomes. We do this by connecting patients and their treating doctors with renowned leading specialists who can answer their questions and support patient care during complex and challenging cases. We also offer thought-leading newsletters, webinars and articles on clinical decision support, diagnostic accuracy and how truly collaborative medicine can help to facilitate better patient health outcomes.

How Does Best Doctors Work?

How Does Best Doctors Work?

Best Doctors consultation services are offered as a benefit to employees at large organisations, as well as provided through some health plans as a policyholder benefit. Hear how it works:

Our consultation process works like this:

  1. A qualifying treating doctor or patient who is facing a challenging clinical case contacts Best Doctors
  2. With the patient’s consent, the Best Doctors team collects all of the relevant case information and creates a detailed clinical summary. An in-house team of doctors review the medical records and draft key questions pertaining to the case.
  3. The appropriately selected Best Doctors Expert reviews the records and writes a well-researched report, complete with citations of the latest studies and literature.
  4. The patient and their treating doctor use this Best Doctors Report as a tool in their care plan.